Celebrate the Year for the Priest!


It is truly fabulous that our Holy Father has given us such a wonderful year to celebrate! With this mandate from our Holy Father, we have created the following “bonus” activity. Although not a virtue, adding this to your Behold Children Behold Christ program will certainly help the children grow in virtue as they discover the gift that the priesthood is to our faith and our families.


All you need to do is download the following PDF document, containing an explanation of the initiative and a list of activities! Order the Year of the Priest Completion Package for a mere $2.50 to make this year an even greater event in the lives of your children or club members!


Free PDF Document

by Rachel Watkins

This document contains a list of 12 activities, in honor of the Twelve Apostles, for your club to use throughout the year as you celebrate this wonderful year in the life of the Church!


BC Year for Priests Download .......... FREE


Click here to download the Year for the Priest document for free!

Year for the Priest Completion Package

Includes Merit Certificate, Medal, and Prayer Card

Includes a beautiful Year of the Priest Merit Certificate, as well as a St. John Vianney medal and holy card with a prayer for the Year of the Priest printed on the back!


BC Year for the Priest Package .......... $1.25